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candy in action

Candy Cohen, full-time college student and part-time model, never thought that turning down a dinner invitation from a guy (rich and powerful, yes, but creepy, too) would get her into this much trouble. Now she's fighting back with the only weapons she has: her best friend, her natural wit, and her stiletto heels.

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candy in action: the deluxe edition
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never mind the goldbergs

Hava Aaronson is just your average teenage punk-rock Orthodox Jewish girl from New York. But when she's cast to star on a sitcom about your average Orthodox family, and moves to Hollywood for the summer, she's a fish out of water with one idea of what you're supposed to be on the screen, and quite another in real life.
  • an American Library Association Popular Paperback, 2007
  • a New York Public Library Best Book for the Teen Age, 2005
  • nominated as an American Library Association Best Book, 2005

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yom kippur a go-go

A 20-year-old punk kid named Matthue leaves behind a promising career in boring office stuff to move to San Francisco, become a professional poet, and learn a little about relationships -- and a little bit about G*d -- by becoming an Orthodox Jew and joining a lesbian basketball league.

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men speak out: views on gender, sex and power
edited by shira tarrant . 2007

A collection of essays written by and about pro-feminist men. My story, "Preaching to the Choir," is about my time sort of leading my college Take Back the Night group -- even though it was non-hierarchical, and my tenure only lasted about a week. And how we ended up in Playboy magazine. You know, just another normal college drinking story.

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family pictures:
poems and photographs celebrating family

edited by kwame alexander . 2007

Published by the Washington, DC Capital Bookfest for 2007. A really beautiful volume that features poems by Nikki Giovanni, Lucille Clifton, Carly Sachs, and my poem "Dizzy," along with a bunch of stark b&w photographs.

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this is PUSH: new stories from the edge
edited by david levithan . 2007

Includes my story "The Waitress," which is actually half of the first chapter and half of the second chapter from my new PUSH novel, coming in late 2008....we still don't know what it's called. If you got an idea, you know, we're open. And then there's 14 more stories from PUSH authors.

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homewrecker: an adultery reader
edited by daphne gottlieb . 2005

Includes my story "Beating around the Burning Bush":

"I'm cheating on my girlfriend with G-d.
"I came home late last night, Friday night, still in my dress clothes from work. My clothes smelled of candlewax, sweetbread challa was on my breath. I felt the compulsion to buy a box of Tic-Tacs and swallow them all. The classic compulsion of cheating: as much as you try to cover up, you can never cover up enough."

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bottoms up
edited by Diana Cage . 2004

A decidedly different version of the Hulk prancing around San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood than you'll find in the movie. My poem, "Waiting for the Man," is sandwiched between Michelle Tea, Daphne Gottlieb, and a whole bunch of awesome writers in this anthology edited by Diana Cage, editor of On Our Backs magazine.

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What's a zine? Poems, stories, drawings, and a heckuva lot of elbow grease. These were the first books I ever made money off, sold when I was fresh out of college at poetry slams, bars, preschools, and anywhere they wouldn't throw me out of. In here are my first stories and my favorite stories. You can see where I'm coming from. And see where Cleis Press stole the title "Yom Kippur a Go-Go" from.

Yom Kippur A Go-Go
November 2002 :: poems

  1. New Year
  2. Hard
  3. Palestine [ read it ]
  4. Dreidel Maven [ listen to it ]
  5. Andy Warhol Love Song
  6. Hell (I Made the Devil Do It)
  7. Daughter
  8. Britney

July 2001 :: my first solo chapbook :: stories & poems

  1. When We Tour Europe, Will You Dance in a Cage in Our Show?
  2. Merger Mystery
  3. Platonic (Sarah Michelle Gellar) [read it]
  4. Sequence
  5. Holidays and Rockets
  6. Amos's Graffiti Posse
  7. Ani'im Zemiros (God Drives an SUV)
  8. My Father, On the Radio
  9. Want Ads for Paradise
  10. My Cat Maceo
  11. Platonic (reprise)
  12. My Roommate Listens to the 1980s (secret track) [read it]

November 2001 :: 20 post-it note poems
150 different covers printed
  1. Why I Don't Date Poets
  2. Murder Mystery
  3. Invitation
  4. Macrobiotic Hasid
  5. Rock Show
  6. Orthodox Girls' Names (English)
  7. Wax Nostalgic
  8. Bananas (pts. 1 & 2)
  9. Forgetting
  10. Orthodox Girls' Names (Yiddish)
  11. Music
  12. History
  13. This is how it ends
  14. Security Problems
  15. Hidden Track
  16. Dreaming in Yiddish
  17. High School
  18. Electric Guitar Haiku

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