{ soundtrack }

What kind of book has an original soundtrack?

Well...this kind of book.

The twelve artists represented here were all asked to write songs about supermodels, kung-fu, or candy. Some did more than just one. Some combined all three.

The bands, besides being awesome musicians (and awesome people), are hugely talented -- they've played with Mos Def and the Smashing Pumpkins, Macy Grey and Snoop Dogg -- and they're all new to the recording industry. Click on the album art, designed by comic artist Fred Chao, to make a complete package. The music represents L.A., New York, the Heartland and everything between and beyond (Estonia and Australia, if you're wondering). If you like them, check out their sites. Listen to more of their stuff. You won't be disappointed.

You can listen to the full soundtrack online, or download songs, at http://www.archive.org/details/CandyInAction. Or just click on the titles:

01 Candy's On the Run by Alpenglow [ site ]
02 O.K. Girl by Prowler [ site ]
03 Who Knows? by Cookie Jar [ site ]
04 Candy on the Catwalk by Alan Jay Sufrin [ site ]
05 Jamie Lee Curtis by Edie Sedgwick [ site ]
06 Candy Ass by The End of the World [ site ]
07 Zia Alessandra by Giustino Petrone [ site ]
08 Screaming Candy by Tossing Green [ site ]
09 I'll Kill You by Postal featuring Matthue Roth [ site ]
10 Roman Holiday by Giustino Petrone [ site ]
11 Witchcraft (live) by Burke [ site ]
12 Lights. Candy. Action. by Itta Roth [ site ]

Most of the songs were mixed by Odin Smith in Philly. The artwork was designed by the magical Fred Chao, creator of Johnny Hiro (half Asian, all hero).